1The Dellinquents192141615
2Bizztalent Recruitment Monkeys187135616
3Team Dellicious187137317
4The Wolves of Wolters (Kluwer)177131613
5Bizztalent Children of The Devil177133017
6De Flippers #DolFijn!17713737
7Happy Safety People174127116
8Team Stabilogics Drawing173151616
9The Facilitators171125118
10Roest niet170121319
11Industeel & OMP170125411
12Fighting 4 Proof of Existence169145615
13Team Step-up Consulting 1 for Europe166117613
14Made in Antwerpen165121311
15De Ramonnekes165119016
16Pac Us If You Can164129113
17The Funky Team!156117018
18Sound of C156107415
19The Cloud Chasers (Wolters Kluwer)155111413
20Team Step-up Consulting 2 the USA155113612
21Heidi en de 6 dwergen153109014
22Team 2 Automation nv/sa153111315
23Team Stabilogics Stability152119114
25Forty and more148103312
26Bai ! - team Samurai146103016
27Team Invictus14699413
28SsangYong Motors Belux14211968
29Sortimo FlexRack142123316
30Mario BROOTS14011309
31Freestone Hurricanes14011702
32De Kopkamelen1409938
33The Lion King en zijn welpjes14097310
35Sortimo WorkMo136105010
36Tourist Le TPA13693013
37Team 1 Securex13511700
38Hai ! - team Samurai at Work13593114
39De containerkes13410109
40Freestone Meteors13310111
41Team Deutsche Bank13310702
42Made in Kempen - Mediahuis Connect1329165
43Team Step-up Consulting 3 for China13191010
44Team Chill12987012
45Team 1 Springbok1299702
46The High Block Busters1289506
47Made in Mechelen1279307
48The Learning Masters12785012
49Team 1 ABK Bank12612105
50Sortimo Globelyst12610008
51Sortimo HD1259947
52Team 4 Focus For Pharma Engineering12411707
53Sortimo TopSystem12311904
54Team 1 Sanofi Belgium12281011
55Freestone Tornados1209600
56Vree Gedreven Dalmatiërs1187909
57Team 2 Sanofi Belgium1158104
58Team 1 Automation nv/sa1149309
59IRIS' Angels11471013
60Team Gloria10967012
61Team 2 Focus For Pharma Engineering564907
62Team 1 KPMG Advisory1001