The most prestigious corporate team competition
in Prague for the first time!

Corporate teams of 7 people compete teams of other companies in
12 awesome challenges. You don't need to be an athlete to participate. Good food and drink, entertainment, team building, networking, awards, opening ceremony and's all there! All at unbeatable prices. 
"Come as a company, leave as a team!"

Hercules Trophy was held already in places such as New York, Dubai, Abu Dhabi, Belgium, Germany, Spain, Holland and Scandinavia.
Fox Hunter are proud to announce the first Hercules Trophy Czech Republic.


It's not enough to have a great product, you must have a great team
that can build a great brand. Hercules Trophy helps build relationships, creates stories and pushes the boundaries.
It brings together companies, people and heaps of fun. 


Give your team a day full
of unforgettable experiences. Twelve awesome disciplines that from the beginning demand teamwork.
No athletic fitness required!


Invite your family and colleagues along to the accompanying program 
of the day. The more the cheering, the better your team will perform!

"Together we create, together we help."
By combining celebrity
and artists, art is created and sold for charity.
More info at


James Kohák will host the day and in the evening
you can enjoy the energetic funky sounds of
Monkey Business. 


Hercules Trophy produces many authentic stories and suggestions for additional content presentation, not only on social networks. Support your brand and open the door to your audience.


Beautiful outdoor setting, breakfast, lunch and an evening BBQ with drinks throughout the day, for teams and their guests.


Areál Císařská Louka,
a magical island on the Vltava river, whisks you away from the city and provides the ideal environment for Hercules Trophy Prague. 


Each team will have its own reserved space. Special requirements, additional branding or partnership disciplines are possible which we will prepare on request.

Experience a day like no other and leave with the famous Herculean vibe.
Sign your team up today and we will take care of the rest.


  • 08.00             Welcome, team registration and breakfast 
  • 09.00             Opening ceremony
  • 09.30            Warm up
  • 10.00            Hercules Trophy begins!
  • 12.00            Lunch (each team will have 1 hour)
  • 17.00             Hercules Trophy ends
  • 17.30             Awards ceremony
  • 17.45             Accompanying program starts
  • 18.00             BBQ
  • 19.00             Monkey Business concert
  • 22.00             Afterparty


You can go a step further and increase your brand awareness among
fans and hundreds of thousands of professionals in our network.
Connect your brand with one of the unique activities and activate your
fame in a different way. 


What are the challenges?

There will be 12 unique and fun challenges. We are always looking for that extra edge with a touch of humor, excitement and unpredictability.
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Which entertainers can we expect?

Prepare yourselves for an unforgettable party and a day full of entertainment, hosted by Jakub Kohak and finished with a concert by Monkey Business. Rest assured, we are known for unmatched parties!

How can we book?

Send an e-mail to and we will create a company account for you so that you can easily manage all of your bookings at If you need a special solution tailored to your business, then please contact us for a quote.

Is it possible to bring family and supporters?

Of course, your team will perform even better with good support behind you. Please contact for more information.